Used Systems

Used Pollution Control Systems

Need pollution control but prefer not to purchase a new system? Pollution System Solutions refurbishes and rebuilds air control systems including: used thermal oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers and regenerative thermal oxidizers. The used systems are available for sale or rental.

We Buy and Refurbish Used Systems

Have a system you no-longer use? Tell us about it by filling out our online form.

Submit details about your used system.


Thermal Oxidizer

Rental Thermal Oxidizer

Mid size thermal oxidizer available for sale or rent. Capable of processing up to 4500 SCFM of VOC laden air. Oxidizer is trailer mounted for easy transportation. Can easily incorporate catalyst for increased energy efficiency. Ideal for industrial or remediation applications.


  • Trailer Mounted
  • Industrial Quality Components
  • 4500 SCFM
  • Built in mid 2008

Sell Your Oxidizer

If you are interested in selling your used thermal oxidizer, please Contact Pollution Systems.Learn More »

Used Thermal Oxidizer

Used Thermal Oxidizer

Pollution Systems offers used regenerative thermal oxidizers to suit your application.

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