Industries Served

Industries Served

Industries Served

Pollution Systems offers a full line of wet scrubbers and thermal oxidizers to all industries.  Our pollution control equipment is custom designed by our experienced staff to meet the specific requirements of your application.  Our high quality design and construction ensure that your pollution control system is reliable, low-maintenance, high performing, energy-efficient and meets the requirements.  Some of the industries we serve are listed below.

Industrial Pollution Systems

  • Animal Feed – The animal feed industry needs to control both particulate pollutants and odor during processing.  Our thermal oxidizers can neutralize the odor.  Our particulate/Venturi scrubbers can be used to remove particulate from the exhaust stream.
  • Automotive – Manufacturing components that can withstand the harsh engine and outdoor environments for automotive parts requires high performance coatings that are applied using solvent systems leading to the discharge of VOC in the process exhaust vapor.  Pollution Systems’ thermal oxidizers treat the harmful residue  from the process prior to being exhausted.
  • Coating and Laminating – The application and curing of coatings lead to generation of VOC emissions.  Pollution System Solutions’ line of thermal oxidizers  efficiently destroys these contaminants.
  • Chemical – The manufacture and processing of chemicals often generates air emissions and by-products during production that need to be treated.  Our chemical/gas scrubbers and thermal oxidizers are used to efficiently and effectively collect and treat targeted emissions.  Our thermal oxidizers destroy VOC’s and many other unwanted fugitive emissions.
  • Flexible Packaging – Coating flexible packaging requires that the inks are applied and dried correctly.  During the process, residue from the coatings is volatilized into the air and must be removed from the exhaust stream.  Pollution Systems’ thermal oxidizers and scrubbers are designed to collect and/or destroy the harmful residue.
  • Food Processing – Food processors need to neutralize odor and eliminate particulate from exhaust streams.  Pollution Systems’ thermal oxidizers are effective at controlling odor.  Particulate/Venturi scrubbers are effective at removing particulate from the process exhaust.
  • Metal Finishing – Finishing metal products generates dust and residue from the coating process.  Pollution Systems offers full lines of wet scrubbers and thermal oxidizers to process and clean the exhaust.
  • Mineral Processing – Residue from handling minerals includes high levels of dust.  Dust Collectors and Particulate/Venturi scrubbers capture and remove the dust from the exhaust.
  • Metal Packaging – Cans, drums and other metal containers  require coatings and solvents that lead to air emissions containing VOC in the dryer or oven exhaust stream.  Our line of thermal oxidizers will provide you with the oxidizer that is the most effective technology to abate the VOC.
  • Plastics Coating – Coating plastics materials can result in high levels of particulate in the exhaust.  Our line of thermal oxidizers and particulate/Venturi scrubbers will remove the pollutant from the exhaust.
  • Petrochemical Processing – Petrochemical processing leads to chemicals and gases carried into the process exhaust stream.  Pollution Systems’ chemical/gas scrubbers are effective at treating and/or removing the chemicals from the exhaust.  Our thermal oxidizers destroy VOC’s and many other unwanted fugitive emissions.
  • Remediation – From Superfund sites to isolated spills, our air pollution control equipment are effective at removing particulates and treating high VOC pollutants from groundwater and aquifers.
  • Tank Cleaning – Thermal oxidizers and enclosed flares can capture and abate dangerous vapors that are pushed out of tanks when they are cleane

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