Pollution Control Rentals

In many industries Air Pollution Controls are becoming increasingly relevant. However, many companies face situations in which Pollution Controls are needed for a limited amount of time or in emergency situations. In these situations, seeking Pollution Control Rentals may be the most cost effective solution.

Pollution Control Rentals 

Rental Oxidizers Provide Solutions in Multiple Situations
  • Emergency operating situations to supplement or replace existing air pollution control equipment.
  • Planned short term needs such as maintenance or replacement of existing air pollution equipment.
  • Medium term requirements to treat a defined amount of waste materials as might be found in remediation applications.
  • Pilot trials to assess the effectiveness of oxidation as a long term solution.
Our rental equipment is designed to support a wide range of process variations. Systems are trailer or skid mounted for ease of mobility and offer either natural gas or propane gas train arrangements for maximum flexibility.  Additionally, our Rental Oxidizers are designed with fully automated and integrated control packages, to operate completely independent of your process.


Is Renting the Right Fit? 
Pollution Systems can assess your process conditions and compliance requirements to help you meet or exceed your emission control objectives. Based on these assessments, we provide recommendations that will minimize your overall operating costs, while maximizing your productivity and efficiency.

Pollution Systems designs, manufactures and installs air emission control systems specific to your unique operating needs.

One of our experienced technicians will contact you to discuss your unique needs and help develop a solution that is right for you.


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Pollution Control Rentals

Rental Oxidizers

The CEF-5 can handle both low and high VOC contaminated streams.

<50% LEL >50% LEL.  Learn More

The RCO-8.5 is designed to provide 99% destruction of VOCs. The unit’s flexible design can adapt to multiple processes and conditions.

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